Quick start guide

There are 3 main tabs in the app. You can switch between them by tapping the respective symbols at the bottom of your screen.

  1. Overview
  2. Exercises
  3. Questionnaire

Tab 1: Overview

When you open the moveUP app you will automatically be taken to the overview tab. This tab has 4 sections:

  1. Welcome message
  2. Messages — here you can communicate with your health provider
  3. Surveys & Informationhere you will find your questionnaires that still need answering. Also, your video-recording requests will appear here.
  4. Activity tracker
  5. Steps— here you can see the steps you took over the past week

Tab 2: Exercises

In the second tab “Exercises” you can find your daily exercises.

Read more on the “Exercises” tab

Tab 3: Questionnaire

In the third tab “Questionnaire” there will appear a daily questionnaire after 4pm each day. The questionnaire is available until midnight. It should be filled out every day, starting 14 days before your surgery.

Read more on the daily questionnaire

It is important that you start answering the daily questionnaire 14 days before your operation, this way we can help you with your recovery after the operation.

At the top left of the moveUP you will find the menu.

When you click on this icon the menu appears.

This menu contains important sections that are not directly related to your rehabilitation.

  • Overview: Exits the menu and returns to the overview screen
  • Important information about this app
  • Download report
  • Consents & contracts: Here you can read the general terms and conditions and privacy statement.
  • Wearable: Here you can link your smart watch to the moveUP App or see which application is linked.
  • Profile: your name and national registration number
  • Log out: Here you can log out of your account and return to the registration and login page.

Want to print this quick start guide?

You can download the guide here to have a printable version:

Updated on April 19, 2023

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