HCP Platform : Patient overview

Once logged in, the moveUP platform gives a clear overview of the HCP’s patients.  

Per patient, the HCP can see some details in the different columns. These columns depends from indication

The columns are displayed in the top bar. They define relevant categories that identify the patient and show relevant health parameters, amount of unread messages, …  

By default, when opening the healthcare platform, the patient overview is sorted based on intervention date. 



The patients are split up in different categories:

Click to navigate between: ‘Candidate, Therapy, Coach, Companion,  PROM, Completed or All’ patients​.

Candidates​ = Patietns who are awaiting a care plan. They downloaded the moveUP app and registered or are created by a hcp.​

Therapy​ = Patients with an active Therapy care plan before or after surgery.​

Coach​ = Patients with an active Coach care plan before or after surgery.​

Companion​ = Patients with an active Companion care plan before or after surgery.​

PROM​ = Patients who will still receive medical questionnaires for long term follow up on specific timepoints (e.g. 3m – 6m , … ).​

Completed​ = Patients who have completed their long term follow up.​

All​ = All patients.​

Color codes

Color codes and notifications indicate patients who need closer attention​


With the use of review flags we know when the patient was checked and who needs to check the patient. See more info in Patient details – Review / Flags

Patient details

When clicking on patient details, you’ll arrive in the details page of one particular patient.

Updated on January 30, 2024

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