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How to onboard a new patient on the moveUP platform?

Create new patient in the onboarding functionality

  • Click “New patient”

Fill out the patient’s details

  • Fill out the patient’s details
  • Click “Save”

Add a new care plan to the patient

  • The “Edit Care Plan” tab will automatically open after entering patient’s details.
  • Click “Start new care plan” or click on the required treatment or intervention to start a new care plan if no care plans are active.
  • Drag and drop an intervention to the care plan
  • Drag and drop a treatment (this is required)
  • Drag and drop a study if applicable
  • Drag and drop care team participants
  • Fill out the intervention date (operation date) and the doctor (surgeon)
  • The treatment’s start date is set automatically to today’s date if you don’t fill it out
  • Click “Save”

Send emails to patients

  • Once a care plan is saved, click on the “Next” button.
  • You will see a template of the emails that will be sent to the patient
  • Click on “Send selected emails” to send the emails to the patient
  • You will see the message “mails were sent” for a few seconds so you know the mails are successfully sent.

What happens next?

The patient will receive an email with

  1. Instructions how to install moveUP— With a short introduction of moveUP, information link on pricing and instructions on how to install moveUP with login details, and a link to the quick start guide
  2. Link to order activity tracker and confirm his subscription— With an order form for the activity tracker

Updated on June 9, 2022

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