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How to register a new patient on the moveUP platform?

1. Open the onboarding form

  • Click “New patient”

2. Fill out the onboarding form

  • Fill out the patient details and the surgery specific information.
  • Click save
  • You will see the message “1 patient created” for a few seconds so you know the patient was successfully created.

  • If you still want to change the information you can do this and click save again.

What happens next?

Within one working day the patient will receive an email from moveUP containing:

  1. Link to set a password
  2. Instructions how to install moveUP— With a short introduction of moveUP, information link on pricing and instructions on how to install moveUP with login details, and a link to the quick start guide
  3. Link to order activity tracker — With an order form for the activity tracker

It will take about one working day before the patient will receive the 2 emails mentioned above.

Updated on January 15, 2021

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