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How to onboard a new patient on the moveUP platform?

Onboarding is the process of registering and starting a new patient in the moveUP platform. After registering a patient in the platform, an invitation mail can be send. In this mail, the patient will receive all the needed information to install and activate the moveUP application.

1. Create a new patient in the onboarding functionality

  • Click “New patient”.
Create new patient

2. Fill out the patient’s details

  • Fill out the patient’s details.
  • Click ‘save’.
Edit patient details
Save patient details

Only one account can be coupled to an e-mail address. It is not possible to reuse an e-mail address that is already known within the moveUP database, e.g.: reusing the same e-mail address for the account of a partner or parent.

3. Add a new care plan to the patient

A care plan is a crucial part of the digital care journey of your patient. A care plan determines what will be visible for your patient in the moveUP application, e.g.: type of exercises, information modules, message functionality, etc. A care plan usually consists out of an intervention, a moveUP treatment and (a) care team(s).

  • The “Edit Care Plan” tab will automatically open after entering patient’s details.
  • Click “Start new care plan”.
Create a new care plan
  • Drag and drop an intervention to the care plan.
    • Fill out the intervention date (e.g.: operation date) and the name of the treating doctor (e.g.: surgeon).
Drag and drop to create a care plan
Add type of intervention, date of intervention and doctor
  • Drag and drop a moveUP treatment.
    • REMARK: The treatment’s start date is set automatically to today’s date if you don’t fill it out. In most cases, it is not needed to set a date. This is only done in case the intervention or intervention date is not yet known.
  • Drag and drop a study if applicable.
  • Drag and drop care team(s) or care team participants.
  • Click ‘save’.

Care team participants determine which healthcare providers will have access to the patient’s account on the moveUP platform. The type of moveUP healthcare providers accounts determines which data this healthcare provider can access. Someone with a support role (e.g.: moveUP support staff) will not have access to the same data as the treating surgeon for example.

Care team participants are added automatically based on the type of intervention, however it is possible to manually add or remove a healthcare provider from the patient’s care team if needed.

4. Send an invitation email to patients

  • Once a care plan is saved, click on “Next”.
Click on ‘Next’
  • A template of the email(s) that will be sent to the patient is shown.
  • Click on “Send selected email(s)” to send the emails to the patient.
Email template proposal
  • A message “mails were sent” will appear for a few seconds so you know the mails are successfully sent.
Confirmation mail(s) sent

5. What happens next?

The patient will receive an invitation email with

In case the moveUP treatment of your patient also uses an activity tracker, the patient will receive a second email with :

  • Link to order activity tracker and confirm his/her subscription— With an order form for the activity tracker.
Updated on March 14, 2024

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