Report event

In the questionnaire section of the application, an option called “Report event” has been added so that you can inform your practitioner.

This feature allows you to report any unexpected event that requires a more specific assessment by your practitioner when your daily questionnaire is not yet available or has already been completed.

When you report an event, an overview of event types is displayed. You can select several event types at once.

For each selected category, a series of more specific questions to fill in is displayed. The aim is to ensure an appropriate response from your moveUP physiotherapist or your referring doctor, depending on your physiotherapist’s opinion.

Once the questionnaire(s) have been completed, the information is sent to your physiotherapist. He or she will give you an answer within 24 hours. 

 If this is a medical emergency, do not use the messaging system or the event reporting function. Instead, call 911, your hospital or your doctor.

Updated on March 27, 2024

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