Daily questionnaire

The daily questionnaire is our compass to guide you through your revalidation. It is very important you fill it out daily after 4 pm.

By filling out the daily questionnaire you give your doctor and healthcare team more insight into the progress of your treatment: your symptoms, your complaints, your evolution. It consists of questions about your general well-being, complaints, activities, sleep quality etc… These questions are adapted to the type of treatment you are having. These daily questionnaires take approximately 45-60 seconds to complete. Your doctor and healthcare team will also see how you experience the impact of your condition on your quality of life.

The combination of the information retrieved from questionnaires, photo’s, video’s and your activity profile via the smart bracelet allows your doctor and care team to follow you up and adapt your treatment.

For optimal results, you need to use the App and follow the given instructions within the App on a daily basis.

It is important we have a good baseline of your situation before the operation. That is why we ask you to start filling it out every day, starting 14 days before your operation.

The questionnaire can be found in the 3rd tab of your app every day after 4 pm.

To indicate your pain level you can tap on the line above the faces and/or slide to the appropriate position.

When finished click on the “send” button to share your answers with us.

The following screen appears if answers are sent to us correctly.

Updated on March 27, 2024

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