In the overview tab, below the greeting, you find the “Messages” section. This is the section where you can communicate with your physiotherapist.

You can send your physiotherapist a message each moment of the day. You will receive an answer within 24 hours.

If the question is a medical urgency, don’t use the messaging system as it is too slow. Call your hospital or medical practitioner instead.

Open the message functionality

Click on the history button to open the message functionality.

Sending messages

You can send us messages every moment of the day. We will respond within 24 hours

To send a message click in the “type a message” box. The keyboard will appear. After typing your message click on the send symbol (airplane).

Sending a picture

You can send us a picture (of the wound for example) by clicking on the picture symbol in the left lower corner.

Go back to the overview screen

By clicking on the arrow in the left upper corner you can go back to the overview screen.

When should you contact the HCP?

  • Questions about how to perform exercises
  • Questions about the therapy pathway
  • Questions about the recurrent questionnaires
  • Problems/errors found on the app
  • Questions about onboarding
  • Questions about off boarding
  • Questions about invoices and reimbursement.
Updated on March 27, 2024

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