Your steps are automatically counted by your activity tracker.

To see your steps you have to have paired your activity tracker with the moveUP app. This pairing needs to be done only once. After you have to sync your activity tracker daily with the moveUP app.

Steps graph

  • Activity data from the past week is visualized in a graph.
  • The different colors only indicate the different days and have no further meaning
  • Activity is represented in number of steps.
  • Every activity with arm movement will contribute to the count.

Steps synchronisation

Don’t forget to synchronise your steps daily by clicking on the round with 2 arrows

Personalised step max

Every day, a personalized step maximum is displayed by a number and a red line. Try not to exceed the step maximum with > 20%

The step maximum is not a goal! It is a limit to avoid overloading the operated joint.

Updated on May 25, 2021

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