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How to synchronise my steps daily?

We advise you to wear your activity tracker around your wrist day and night. But the day is the most important for us to register your activity. The activity tracker is always active and captures how active you are, hence it does not need to be activated.

You do need to manually sync your activity tracker data daily in the moveUP app. This way your physiotherapist can monitor how active you are and decide if any adaptations to your exercise scheme are needed.

We advise syncing your steps daily in the evening after filling out the daily questionnaire. This way your physiotherapist will see the next day how active you were.

The activity tracker has to be paired with the moveUP app. This pairing only has to happen once at the beginning of your rehabilitation. You can find the pairing instructions here.

The Bluetooth should be activated on your device to be able to sync your activity tracker.

  • Press the synchronising button marked in red.
  • You will see the following screen. Click on “Sync”
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. Basically you have to press the silver button on your activity tracker twice for 2 seconds.
  • At the end you will automatically be taken back to the homescreen and your steps will be visible in the graph.
  • You will see the synced steps data on your home screen.

If you have problems synchronising please send an email to support@moveup.care and try to describe exactly in which step you encounter problems and what messages you see or get on your screen.

Updated on January 20, 2022

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