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How to pair your activity tracker with the moveUP app?

step counter pairing

If you see an empty area below your steps, you still have to pair your step counter with the app. After the pairing, your steps will appear in this area.

Step counter pairing

To pair your step counter click on the menu sign on the top left of your screen.

step counter pairing

Chose “Wearable” from the menu list.

step counter pairing

Choose the option at the bottom “I have a moveUP step counter without a code”

Click the button of your step counter for 2 seconds until the wifi symbol

appears on the screen.

step counter pairing
  • “vivofit 4” will appear on your screen
  • choose “pair” on the right of it
step counter pairing

Fill out the field and click the green “pair” button at the bottom.

  • Some smartphone devices will ask you for a code to enable the Bluetooth pairing. The code you have to enter on your phone will appear on the activity tracker screen. Enter the code and click “Pair”
step counter pairing
  • You will see the following screen if the step counter is paired successfully. It may take a while before this screen appears.
  • Click on the arrow to the left to get back to the home screen of the app.

Updated on June 17, 2021

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