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How to reset the step counter

When experiencing problems with pairing the step counter to the moveUP app, it may be appropriate to perform a full reset of the step counter.

  • Hold the device key (1) for 1 second until you see the wifi symbol
  • Go to (i) by pressing the device key (1) multiple times.
  • Hold the device key (1) VERY LONG until NV RST appears (usually 7 seconds) . The device resets and the screen turns on.
  • Remove the Bluetooth connection between the step counter and your smartphone/tablet.
    • Instructions for an Android device:
      1. Touch Settings.
      2. Touch Connections.
      3. Touch Bluetooth.
      4. Touch the Options icon next to the device you want to unpair.
      5. Touch Unpair.
    • Instructions for an Apple device:
      1. Touch Settings 
      2. Touch Bluetooth
      3. Touch the (i) icon next to the step counter.
      4. Touch Forget This Device.
      5. Confirm you’d like to remove the step counter from your iPhone or iPad.

Video illustration of the process

Updated on April 15, 2021

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