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Digital follow-up during the first 2 weeks after surgery – Coach care plan

What needs to be done?

  1. Daily check of the patient’s parameters
  2. Daily answering of the patient’s messages
  3. Daily check of compliance to crutch use and medication

Only light preventive exercises are active during the first 2 weeks of recovery. No adaptation to exercises is needed during the first 2 weeks of rehabilitation.

What to advise the patient?

A lot of swelling and stiffness• Elevation of the limb
• Application of ice (video included in exercise scheme of patient)
• Move the feet a lot
High pain scores• Check medication use of patient
• Consider consulting doctor to adapt medication
• Inform the patient not to overdue it, advice to take the medication preventively and use the ice.
Wound issues• If signs of inflammation: flag to doctor
Patient doesn’t fill in daily questionnaire• Message the patient to fill out the daily questionnaire
Patient doesn’t follow crutches protocol• Message patient
• Escalate to the doctor if necessary

When do you escalate to a doctor?

Escalate to a medical doctor when you get questions or see things that are not within your professional domain.

Some examples:

  • Change in medication
  • Signs of wound infection
  • Non compliance of patients of the postoperative protocol
Updated on December 18, 2020

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