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Welcome call of the physical therapist

1. Set correct expectations

  • Communication:
    • no facetime
    • mostly messages (answered by the end of the next working day, also in the weekend)
    • sometimes calls
    • no emergency service

When teleconsultation, it is NOT possible to combine reimbursement of moveUP with physical sessions outside of moveUP.

2. Short explanation about price/reimbursement

This is very important for people, especially since there is a difference between convention and teleconsultation. When will they receive an invoice, what part is reimbursed, what do they need to get the reimbursement etc. More info on price/reimbursement.

3. What we want from the patient for optimal rehabilitation 

  • Before operation:
    • Activity tracker: Start to wear the activity tracker 14 days before the operation with daily sync
    • Medical questionnaire: Answer the medical questionnaires before the operation
    • Daily questionnaire: Answer the daily questionnaire starting 14 days before the operation after 16h
      • => adaptation of exercises if indicated the next day
    • Video:
      • Knee: submit preop ROM video
      • Hip & Knee: submit preop Gait Analysis video
  • During hospitalisation:
    • moveUP is optional, physical therapists of the hospital are in the lead
  • After hospitalisation:
    • Start exercising: indicate in the app which ones are performed

4. Handy extra’s

  • Hometrainer or not? Other extra tools at home or tools they will rent (e.g. ice cooling machine, Kinetec)
  • Motivation for choosing moveUP: chosen by orthopedist, own choice (holidays) 
Updated on November 17, 2022

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