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Overview cost telerehabilitation for knee surgery

At the end of your rehabilitation, you will receive an invoice from your healthcare provider.

The mutuality reimburses the largest part of the cost of moveUP (75% non-preferential rate). The activity tracker is 100% reimbursed.

The personal share is also reimbursed in full by your private hospitalisation insurance if you have one.

So if you have private hospitalisation insurance the full cost of moveUP is reimbursed at the end.

It is important you send the start notification form to your mutuality within 2 weeks of the start of moveUP.

What to do with your notification form?

To do:

  • Apply your mutuality sticker.
  • Fill out the fields 4 to 6 on this notification form.
  • Sign the document. It should be signed by yourself, your physiotherapist and your surgeon.

You should have received this form at the beginning of your rehabilitation at the hospital (together with your prescription).

Are you not in the possession of your notification form?
Please contact the orthopaedic department of your hospital and ask them to provide you with your stop notification form.

Cost table depending on the amount of weeks of rehabilitation

The reimbursements are divided into blocks of 2 weeks. For every block of 2 weeks that begins, this period of 2 weeks will be charged.

Normal (non-preferential) rate of reimbursement mutuality

Total costReimbursed by mutuality Personal share
(reimbursed by private
hospitalisation insurance if you have one)
Preop (includes the activity tracker)€ 90,65€ 78,77€ 11,88
1-2 weeks€ 240,65€ 199,29€ 41,36
3-4 weeks€ 390,65€ 319,81€ 70,84
5-6 weeks€ 515,65€ 417,53€ 98,12
7-8 weeks€ 625,65€ 500,25€ 125,40
9-10 weeks€ 718,15€ 565,47€ 152,68
11-12 weeks€ 810,65€ 630,69€ 179,96

Preferential rate of reimbursement mutuality

Preferential rate: some people with a low income have the right to higher reimbursement rates.

Total costReimbursed by mutuality with preferential ratePersonal share preferential rate (reimbursed by private
hospitalisation insurance if you have one)
Preop (includes the activity tracker)€ 90,65€ 86,54€ 4,11
1-2 weeks€ 240,65€ 226,03€ 14,62
3-4 weeks€ 390,65€ 365,52€ 25,13
5-6 weeks€ 515,65€ 480,81€ 34,84
7-8 weeks€ 625,65€ 581,10€ 44,55
9-10 weeks€ 718,15€ 663,89€ 54,26
11-12 weeks€ 810,65€ 746,68€ 63,97

Updated on February 4, 2022

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