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Reimbursement teleconsultation

At the end of your treatment you will receive an invoice of moveUP for the physical therapy follow-up.

The teleconsultation nomenclature (code 518011 on your invoice, 40 euro per week) is fully reimbursed by your mutuality.

How to ask for reimbursement

1. Apply your mutuality sticker to the attestation

Apply a mutuality sticker to the area indicated in red on the attestation you received from us.

2. Staple your doctors prescription to the attestation above

Telerehabilitation needs to be prescribed by your surgeon. If everything went well your surgeon has provided you with a prescription for telerehabilitation.

You can find an example of how this presciption looks like on the right. Attention: this is just an example, the prescription can look very different from hospital to hospital.

Are you not in the possession of your prescription? Please contact the orthopaedic department of your hospital and ask them to provide you with your prescription.

Staple this prescription to the moveUP attestation.

3. Send the above papers to your mutuality

Updated on October 3, 2022

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