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How to apply for reimbursement? (Belgium)

Part of the price of moveUP is reimbursed by your insurance. This part is different, depending on which hospital you are being treated at the moment.

You can ask for reimbursement after all invoices to moveUP are paid at the end of your active treatment.

Reimbursement procedure

You need to send the following 3 documents together to your insurance company at the end of your active treatment:

1. Prescription of moveUP

This document should be provided to you by your surgeon, preferably upon discharge from the hospital. You can find a blank copy to be filled out by your surgeon here:

We also need a picture of this prescription for our records. Please upload your prescription to your “documents” via the menu of the app.

2. Attestation by your physiotherapist

MoveUP will send you this attestation by post to your home address at the latest 1 week after the last day of your active treatment, on the condition that all invoices to moveUP have been paid. Please take into account a maximum period of 2 weeks in order to receive your attestation.

Staple the surgeon’s prescription to this certificate

3. Invoices moveUP

Add a copy of the invoices you received from moveUP to your reimbursement request.

If you took part in the tele-rehabilitation convention study you can also apply for reimbursement from your hospital insurance (if you have one). They will also reimburse you for the personal share (25%). Send the moveUP invoices to them as well to request reimbursement.

Updated on February 17, 2021

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