What is telenomenclature?

Since the covid-19 crisis our National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI) allow teleconsultation and brought into existence a specific nomenclature for attestation and reimbursement; the telenomeclature.

Physiotherapists have the possibility to support their patients remote (teleconsultation) under specific legislation and conditions.

Pricing telenomeclature

For the remote follow up using the moveUP healthcare platform and the use of the moveUP application your physiotherapist will charge a fixed fee of €40 per week which is fully reimbursed.

Watch out: There is no possibility to combine this telenomeclature with hands-on physical sessions. If you do combine physical sessions with teleconsultation your reimbursement for your physical sessions or your teleconsultation will be denied, so moveUP will cost you 40 euro that week.


Orthopedic patient? You will receive an invoice of moveUP at the end of your rehabilitation.

Bariatric / post-injection patient? You will receive a monthly invoice of moveUP.


Monthly (bariatrics) or at the end (orthopaedics) of your rehabilitation you will receive your invoice together with your reimbursement papers (physiotherapy attestation). By sending this, together with your prescription of physiotherapy of the surgeon to your mutuality you will be fully reimbursed.

Have you received your physiotherapy prescription from your surgeon? If not: contact the secretary of the according department to receive your prescription. You need to send this to your mutuality together with our attestation you will receive by moveUP.

Updated on March 27, 2024

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