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What is expected during a face to face physical session

The face to face physiotherapy sessions can be performed by the same physiotherapist responsible for the digital follow up or by a different physiotherapist. In the last case there is a shared responsibility in the patient’s rehabilitation which requires coordination and communication by the physiotherapists involved.

The physiotherapist who performs the daily digital follow up stays in the lead of the patient’s rehabilitation and (financial) administration. A one-team mentality towards the patient is needed, where communication is key.

Step-by-step: Registrate your face to face physical session

There is no strict protocol for ‘face to face’ session, except to fill out the parameters requested in the moveUP platform.

Step 1: Log in to the healthcare platform

  • Log in to the healthcare platform
  • Login with the user account details we provided you with (after receipt of contract)

Step 2: Check patient’s parameters, exercises and the communication log

  • Click on “Details” in the overview dashboard to go the patient status page
  • Check the activities, medication, crutch use of the patient
  • Check the steps, pain and swelling graphs of the patient
  • Check patient’s parameters graphs
  • Check the exercise scheme of the patient
  • Go to Careplan and click on “Adjust exercises”

Step 3: Fill out the moveUP “Start consultation form”

  • Go to “Status” and click “Start consultation”
  • Choose the correct questionnaire starting with “Physical therapy session”
  • Fill out the different sections by clicking “start” next to the sections
    • Range of motion
    • Therapist findings on patient parameters
    • Exercises therapy
    • Gait analysis
    • Manual muscle testing
    • Feedback

The Belgium convention for tele rehabilitation states that it is obliged that every face to face physiotherapy sessions needs to be reported in the moveUP healthcare platform by the physio performing these sessions. Also the automatic payment administration is linked to the registration above. No registration = no pay.

The log is where you can communicate with other healthcare providers

The log is the place where healthcare providers can sent messages to each other.

Updated on September 13, 2022

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