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Getting started – physical sessions only

Mandatory physical sessions — Patients follow rehabilitation using the mobile application with a set minimum number of conventional physiotherapy sessions with physical presence of the physiotherapist. 1 face-to-face session a week during the first month after discharge, followed by once every 2 weeks thereafter.

What are the steps involved to get started doing physical sessions only (no digital follow-up)?

To register you can click the button below.

  • You will be asked to
    • Quickly go through a quick-start guide to make yourself comfortable with our platform
    • To fill out a registration form

What happens next?

  • After receipt of your registration form, you will receive a physical session service contract by email
  • After receipt of the signed contract by email we will create a moveUP account for you
  • You are ready to start treating patients!

The Belgium convention for tele-rehabilitation states that it is obliged that every face-to-face physiotherapy session needs to be reported in the moveUP healthcare platform by the physio performing these sessions. Also, the automatic payment administration is linked to the registration above.
No registration = no pay.

Updated on November 17, 2022

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