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Wound care protocol

  • We advise to use a bordered foam dressing (ex. Mepilex border)
  • The bandage may be left closed for 14 days. Showering is allowed.
  • We advise not to change the bordered foam dressing unless it touches 3 edges.
  • After 14 days the bordered foam dressing is removed and the wound left bare.
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Escalation mechanism

In case of abnormal wound healing, a photo is requested daily by the physiotherapist. In case of signs of inflammation or extreme swelling this is flagged to the 2nd line medical professional. The 2nd line can inform the 3rd line according to the wishes they expressed in the medical protocol form.

Prolonged wound drainage (PWD) is an alarm sign as it gives a risk of 6-10% on deep infection (prosthetic joint infection, PJI). The patient should be referred to a physical doctor to take a culture of the wound and start antibiotics.

Prolonged wound drainage is defined as a spot of more than 2 cm and longer than 72 hours.

Updated on November 8, 2021

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