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Reimbursement depends on different factors such as the care plan chosen or participation to a study. Choose which option applies to your situation:

The Tele-Rehabilitation Study is a national study set-up by the INAMI or RIZIV. In this study, they investigate what the effect is of a digitally supported rehabilitation after hip or knee replacement surgery.

The Discharge study is a study of the University of Hasselt. In this study, they will investigate if there is a difference in outcome between patients who are discharged within less than 24 hours after surgery vs patients who are discharged after more than 24 hours in the hospital (e.g.: 3 days)

The Geko study is a study of AZ Maria Middelares. In this study, they investigate the effect of an electro-stimulation device on the swelling after a knee replacement.

You follow the normal patient pathway in AZ Maria Middelares. You use the moveUP application to fill in your questionnaires for the surgeon and for the post-operative follow-up by the nurses. The use of an activity tracker is optional. The tracker can be ordered and delivered at your house.

Updated on March 19, 2021

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