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Payment and reimbursement

Your hospital will directly charge your mutuality for the part that is reimbursed. This means you will only receive an invoice for the personal share only from your hospital. If you have a private hospitality insurance, this personal part in most cases can also be reimbursed (sent the invoice to your private insurance to request for reimbursement).

Conclusion: moveUP will be completely reimbursed if you have a private insurance. If you don’t have a private insurance only a small personal share will be applicable.

Click here more information on pricing and reimbursement during the study.

Activity tracker

To prevent too much or too little activity a step counter is used to measure your activity. This step counter is obliged to be used with the app.

You have received an email to ask to fill out a form to receive your step counter. You can also find this form here. moveUP will send it to you by post after receiving the form.

Info session

Every Friday between 14h and 16h info sessions are organised by the hospital. There you will learn everything you need to know on your rehabilitation and the use of moveUP.

The study nurse will give you more information on when you are expected on this info session.

The following information can already be useful: quick start guide moveUP.

Digital follow-up

The physiotherapists of the hospital will do the digital follow-up via the moveUP app. If you want you also have the option to work with another physiotherapist of your choice. This physiotherapist needs to be moveUP certified. Discuss this with the hospital.

Physical sessions

You also have some physical sessions included. Those sessions will be organised by the same physiotherapist doing your digital follow-up.

Updated on October 11, 2022

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