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I read this email on a smart device

Step 1: Download the app on your smart device

Click on the below links to download the moveUP app from your Appstore or Google Play (depending on your device)

Step 2: Open the moveUP app and register

  • Open the moveUP app (if the app shows the moveUP logo, It is correctly installed)
  • Register with the email address and the code you received in the “installation email” from moveUP
  • Check your personal data and the operation performed before the first use. In case of any error please contact moveUP using the chat function.

Step 3: Update the moveUP app

Each time the moveUP app is updated you´ll receive a mail with the release notes. Please, update it as soon as possible to enjoy the last features.

To upload the app please use the link above to be redirected to your app store and click on the button “update”.

These updates can include safety or data integrity upgrades, please read carefully the Release Notes and the Instructions for Use.

Security measures

Because we process personal and health data, we will instruct you how to set a complex password at the moveUP login page.

Please use a safe network when you are connected to the app.

Updated on May 4, 2022

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