IFU : Video requests

At specific moments, patients are required to complete video requests through the app. These videos could involve exercises, functional tests, or movement analyses.

How to record it?

  • The patients need navigate to the “Video request” section of the Overview screen of the application.
  • To continue, access the specified video request.

Every video request includes :

  • A complete description
  • An example video
  • A record button to access the device’s camera function, or a button to select an existing video from the device’s gallery.

The application may require permission to capture pictures and record videos.
This step could be optional depending on the device used.

  • Patients should click on the record button (red circle) to initiate the recording of their video request.
  • Upon clicking the record button, the time indication of the recorded video will be displayed.
  • When the video is stopped, the button shape will change from a circle to a triangle. Two options will appear:
    • Retake‘ to capture the video again
    • Use the video‘ to save the recorded one

  • After confirming, videos are encoded and uploaded on the overview screen.
  • Once the video request has been successfully uploaded, it will no longer appear on the overview screen.
Updated on October 23, 2023

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