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The application includes a feature called ‘Report Event,’ enabling patients to report any complaints or unexpected events that require specific assessment. Certain details are important to note.

What is the “Report Event” Feature?

In the questionnaire section of the application, there is a feature named ‘Report Event.’

This option allows the reporting of any complaints or unexpected events that need a more specific assessment, regardless of whether the daily questionnaire is available or has already been completed.

How to Use the Feature?

When “Report Event” is selected, an overview of event types will be displayed.

Multiple event types that apply to the situation can be chosen. For each selected category, specific questions will be presented for detailed input. This information provides insights into your situation.

What Happens Next?

Once the questionnaire(s) are completed, the information will be stored.

Please note that this report might be shared with your healthcare practitioner. Any response from a practitioner, if applicable, may not be immediate.

In cases of medical emergencies, do not use the messaging system or the event reporting function. Instead, please call the local emergency number or seek immediate medical attention.

Updated on October 23, 2023

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