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Medical dashboard release notes version 1.21.0

Medical dashboard interface redesign

  • Consistent look across entire platform

Functional changes in the current release:

Improved patient management

  • Therapy/Coach/Companion Tab
    • Based on which moveUP care plan the patients have chosen they are listed in the Therapy, Coach or Companion Tab. The different care plans have different needs.

  • Tags:
    • Possibility to add new way of listing & filtering based on tags
    • The tag defines the categories / headers in the patient overview
    • Currently: Tag for orthopaedics/Covid/Bariatrics

Improved patient details page

  • Quick navigation between functionalities

  • Status:
    • NEW: visualisation of the current and next phase
    • NEW: Treatment specific information
    • Improved data visualization of patients parameters
  • Log
    • The log is on a different tab

  • Profile
    • The patient profile has become a tab now
  • First and Second line review
    • New look, same action and visualisation

  • Messaging function :
    • The messaging function always remains visible
    • Possibility to send a message as a notification (outside of app)

 Security improvement

  • Two factor authentication