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Price moveUP UK

Pricing table moveUP

Cost itemExplanationAmount
Activity tracker and moveUP activation instructionsOne time charge for startup£59,99
Daily physiotherapy follow-up (initial set-up cost)One time charge at the start of moveUP for the rehabilitation dependent on surgery:
Hip replacement patients (4 weeks upfront)£160
Knee replacement patients (6 weeks upfront)£240
Additional Physiotherapy sessionsAt the end of your rehabilitation, you will be charged the extra weeks of app usage (over the 4 weeks hip and 6 weeks for the knee) at a weekly rate£40/ week

Average duration of moveUP rehabilitation

Typically, the length for rehabilitation from a hip replacement with moveUP is around 4-6 weeks and for a knee replacement around 8-12 weeks. However, these are averages and can vary individually.

These amount of weeks are based on averages, it depends on your personal situation and it can vary in length.


You will receive 1 invoice at the point of your registration with moveUP. This invoice will include the price of your activity tracker and the initially agreed period of physiotherapy sessions.

Updated on April 13, 2022

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