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Ortho – What can you expect from your Therapy care plan

In this module, you will learn about the care plan that was selected for you by your surgeon.You are participating in a Therapy care plan but what does it mean?

What to expect from your care plan

The Therapy care plan consists out of:

  1. Daily monitoring of your symptoms and activities : It is important to use the moveUP application and to fill in the questionnaires on a regular basis so your care plan is adapted specifically to your needs
  2. Daily follow-up by a specialised care team who follow you on a daily basis and provide you the right information at the right time based on your evolution
  1. A 24 to 36 hour response by your care team to your questions via chat messaging
  2. A personalised treatment plan (e.g. medication advice, exercises,…) based on your specific needs by the data you have communicated via the app

The following image illustrates where to download the user manual that you can always visit in case of difficulties with the use of the application:

Important information regarding the app use :

– Use the moveUP application on a regular basis
– Fill in the questionnaires so your care plan can be adapted specifically to your needs
– Information modules become available based on your evolution so you get the right information at the right time

– Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be found on www.moveup.care
– Questions on pricing or reimbursement? Go to FAQ or contact us via support@moveup.care

Warnings related to the careplan :

– moveUP is not a tool for medical emergencies. In case of emergency, please contact your doctor or call 112.
– If questionnaires are not completed on a regular basis or if you do not answer them honestly, your progress report will be incorrect or incomplete.
– Do not give access to your profile to third parties. Personal advice received from moveUP applies only to you and is given based on your submitted data.
– If you feel that something is wrong, if there is an issue with the app or if you do not get an answer to your question in the application within 24 hours, please contact us at support@moveup.care or 0800 88 008.

If you are not sure whether you want to continue with your current care plan or if would like to change it, please contact us via support@moveup.care.

Also, make sure that you acknowledge that you have read this document by answering the question below, and start using the moveUP application.

Your moveUP team wishes you a good recovery !

Updated on March 15, 2022

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