Informing and onboarding by hospital of moveUP

1. Create the patient profile

In the medical dashboard: create the patient profile.

The following fields are obliged

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Mobile phone
  • Operation date
  • Patient in study Arm 2 or Arm 3

2. Patient education

A. Information on rehabilition with moveUP

The patient has to be educated on how the moveUP works and how the rehabilitation with the app will be. Click here for more information on the preoperative education and anamnesis.

Ideally, this is done during an info session. The following slide deck can be used during the info session. Forfait F1 of the convention is foreseen for giving this information (together with an anamnesis).

B. Information on the study and which arm the patient is in

C. Inform the patient to fill out an anamnesis questionnaire

  • If the patient will follow moveUP the anamnesis questionnaire will be the first questionnaire in his list.
  • If the patient decides not to follow moveUP, he will receive an email to ask him to fill out a short anamnesis questionnaire. Stress to the patient it is important to fill this out.

3. Register patient education and choice of the patient

After all the information is given to the patient during the info session, the patient can make an informed decision if he wants to continue with the moveUP app. Register the info session and decision of the patient in the medical dashboard via ‘start consultation’.

Forfait F1 is foreseen in the convention for the preoperative education and anamnesis. If the info session is registered and the anamnesis questionnaire filled out moveUP will charge the forfait for the hospital.

Updated on June 23, 2021

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