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At moveUP we believe that shared expertise is the key to deliver evidence based and value based healthcare. With the preferred physiotherapist partner network, we are laying the first cornerstones of what enables us to contribute and learn from each other’s expertise. Expertise under the form of data, insights, discussion, referral, … all in view of delivering the best care possible for our patients.

Through moveUP’s platform, the first medical device approved treatments have been co-developed with experts and fine tuned based on evidence, both literature as well as data driven. The first treatments brought to market are within orthopaedics, but more pathologies will follow suit.

The key to bring better outcomes and better experience to patients starts with knowing the patient at each step of the journey and building the right specialised, experienced team around him. For this reason, moveUP has started the preferred physiotherapist partner network, spread over Belgium and beyond.

What is the advantage of becoming a preferred partner

  • You become part of a strong network of preferred partners, enabling you to exchange expertise, insights 
  • You can further specialise and build up expertise in digital health driven rehabilitation
  • You become part of a referral network between preferred physiotherapist partners and prescribing hospitals
  • moveUP provides a certificate label to all preferred partners for both online as offline touchpoints

Who are we looking for?

  • Do you believe digital health solutions and therapies are part of the future of healthcare?
  • Are you experienced in orthopaedic rehabilitation or willing to excel in this domain?
  • Are you a believer in value based healthcare and evidence based healthcare?

What are primary the advantages of using moveUP in your practice?

  • Be ready for the latest technological revolution that already started with knee-and hip rehabilitation
  • Gain efficiencies without losing income. Not all patients always need your full attention. See which patients require extra attention or an intervention at the glimpse of an eye 
  • 24/7 view on the status of your patients: from baseline (pre-surgery) until end of rehabilitation
  • Be able to provide treatment and care from a distance in and beyond covid times
  • Build-in interaction with a medical doctor or specialist on medication, wound or other specific
  • Easy and better communication with other health care providers
  • In-platform referral between partner physiotherapists or from hospitals and specialists
  • Limit the need of house visits 
  • Personalised prescription information from the specialist 
  • Reimbursed for primary knee and hip arthroplasty
  • Many more…

How can I become a preferred partner?

1. Follow the e-learning course

moveUP is open for all physiotherapist to use. There is a learning curve for delivering care quality through the app. For this reason following the e-learning course is obligatory for all physiotherapist starting to use moveUP.

Click here for more information on the e-learning course

2. Follow one of our monthly seminars

Every month we will do a seminar for interested physiotherapist that did the e-learning and want to have a real demo of a moveUP power user physiotherapist. You can ask all questions you might still have.

3. Do a one-on-one interview with a moveUP physiotherapist

A final step to become a preferred partner is an interview with a moveUP physiotherapist to see if there is a moveUP fit in way of working and philosophy.

Click here to apply for a personal interview

Updated on January 18, 2021

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