Physiotherapy options for hospital in convention

The convention foresees 2 different forfaits for the physical therapy:

  • F1 for the preoperative trajectory of the patient
  • F3 for the digital followup after the surgery

F1: preoperative trajectory

Before the operation the patient has to be informed of moveUP (how to install moveUP, how to receive the wearable, how to couple the wearable, get an explanation how the app works etc.) and also a short anamnesis of the patient should be done to see if the patient is a suitable candidate for moveUP.


Prerably this information is given by the physiotherapist of the hospital, either individual or in a group infosession with some individual guidance. If the hospital sees no way to organise this, a moveUP physiotherapist can also do this preoperative trajectory.

F3: digital followup of the patient

After the operation the patient will be followed up daily by a physiotherapist (7 days on 7).

This daily follow by the physiotherapist consist of the following:

  • The physical therapist(s) need to review all active patients on a daily basis.
  • Answer messages of patients on a daily basis
  • Check therapy compliance of the patient
  • Check the progression of the daily parameters via the graphs in the medical dashboard
  • Adapt the exercises according to the evolution of the parameters and the feedback in the messages

This will take on average about 5 minutes per patient.


There are 3 options the hospital can choose:

  • The hospital physiotherapist
  • A peripheral physiotherapist of choice of the patient
  • The physiotherapists of b.Clinic

Obliged traditional physical sessions of arm 2 in the study

In case the hospital physiotherapist or peripheral physiotherapist does the digital follow-up, they will also do the traditional physical sessions specified in the convention (arm 2 in the study).

If b.Clinic does the digital follow-up, this will be outsourced to either a peripheral physiotherapist or the hospital physiotherapist, depending on the choice of the hospital. b.Clinic will pay the performing physiotherapist 25 euro per session.

Updated on January 13, 2021

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