Digital follow-up: e-learning certificate

moveUP is open for all physiotherapist to use. There is a learning curve for delivering care quality through the app. That is why we strongly suggest you follow the free e-learning course first, after which you will receive a certificate.

For the Belgian physiotherapist: The convention agreement obliges all healthcare providers that want to use the convention codes to obtain a certificate and sign the convention telerehabilitation agreement. After getting the certificate and signing the convention you will be added to a list of RIZIV certified physiotherapist who can use the platform. Signing the convention is part of the e-leaning trajectory.

You can obtain your certificate by following a free, one hour, e-learning course.

How to enroll in the e-learning course?

  • Accept the terms of service
  • Somebody from moveUP will confirm your account after checking your RIZIV number. You will receive an email once this is done.

After you followed the course you will receive a certificate and you will be a moveUP certified physiotherapist.

Updated on April 28, 2021

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