Cumulation prohibition and early termination

No pseudocode from article 7 (physiotherapy) and article 22 (physical medicine) of the to Royal Decree of 14 September 1984 establishing the nomenclature of medical benefits may be charged for the rehabilitation after primary knee or hip arthroplasty in addition to the forfaits described in the convention.

The following cumulation prohibition only applies to the benefits in kind provided in the context of rehabilitation after primary knee or hip arthroplasty. Benefits in kind that the entitled person needs for the treatment of another condition fall outside the scope of this cumulative prohibition.

Early termination of rehabiliation with the aid of moveUP

In the event of early cessation, the continuity of rehabilitation after primary knee or hip arthroplasty is ensured by switching to the classical treatment.

Administration to be done in case of early termination
• The patient needs a new prescription from the doctor for physiotherapy for this purpose.
• The reason for stop moveUP needs to be registered in the moveUP platform by the physiotherapist doing the follow-up

Time of stop moveUPArticle 7 and 22 of the royal Decree of 14th of Sept 1984
If the patient does not startAll 60 sessions can be used
<2 weeks8 sessions are considered used, 52 sessions left
2-4 weeks15 sessions are considered used, 45 sessions left
5-6 weeks23 sessions are considered used, 37 sessions left
7-8 weeks30 sessions are considered used, 30 sessions left
9-10 weeks38 sessions are considered used, 22 sessions left
11-12 weeksFrom the 13th week onwards: Only 563054, 563150, 563253, 563356, 563452, 564594 from Article 7 and all codes from Article 22 of the nomenclature can be attested.
Updated on March 3, 2021

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